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New Photography Equipment

So, as I move from a print on demand only sales format into actual on-hand inventory strategy, I'm learning that I need up my game in the photography department! These Texas souvenirs are not going to sell themselves with only two dimensional auto-generated mock-ups!

I love those mock-ups. I do.

They speak to the overwhelming part of me that demands instant gratification. They're simple, easy and allow me to get a product up and available for sale in no time flat. But, they're not exactly what a customer is going to click on in an advertisement for my Texas souvenir shop in a sea of other online apparel and souvenir stores.

I need some attention grabbing shots. Shots that really showcase the quality of my Texas t-shirts and the high-end printing on my Texas mugs. They're really great and they deserve to be photographed from their best side, their best angle.

After much resistance I've finally committed to buying some low end photography equipment. Nothing much. Just some light stands, backdrops and tripods. In the end it was just over $100. What was I waiting for? 

I'm not a Photoshop expert and I need a lot more practice with lighting, which is a difficult and frustrating science by the way, but I'm pretty pleased with my first works. I gave my personal favorite and best selling Texas Skies mug a true hero shot! He looks so regal and distinguished. Isn't he handsome? Ahhh, I'm in love all over again!

Texas Skies Coffee Mug Hero Shot. Isn't he handsome?Wish me luck going forward!