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Always Marry a Woman from Texas

"Always marry a woman from Texas. No matter how tough
things get, she's seen tougher." - Dan Rather

Sound advice and too true! The more I read this quote as I was creating this image for Instagram, the more I got goosebumps. I love celebrating women and all of their strengths. When a quote such as this celebrates strong women who were also born in Texas... well just hand me the tissue box!

I've joined a book club of strong, creative, intelligent gals that has simply gotten me fired up! We're reading books that help you find your happiness, set goals and get meaningful things accomplished. Its been so inspiring and has gotten me up off my rear end and raring to make a real go of this Texas souvenir shop!

I confessed to the club last week that I'd started Texas Love telling myself, "This is just going to be a nice creative outlet for me. I just want to put some cute stuff out there in the market and see if anyone else likes it. No big." And its true, I took more of an "I'm just gonna leave this here" approach to my new venture and haven't really put the pedal to the metal in terms of marketing, outreach and sales. I haven't been pounding the pavement and following up on great leads that are literally falling in my lap.

When I looked deep down, I realized I do really want this to be something. I believe in Texas, I believe in Texas women and I want to make something that highlights what I love! I want to build something real. I want to sell the shit out of Texas souvenirs and see where that leads me, see what that can do for other Texas women.

I have a feeling wherever this leads, it'll surprise me...and I cannot wait!