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Waiting on Samples

I was totally inspired this weekend. I decided to put down the watercolors for a second and create some graphic design T-shirts! Why? Well, I ordered my first product samples last week and am waiting for my first, ever products to come in! What? Really? Is this real life?

So, the most important things I'll be inspecting the samples for are print quality and to see if the watercolor textures come through as I want them to! I'm on pins and needles to see if the mugs, shirts and fine art prints look half as good as the mock-ups!

If the samples do come in and I approve them for production, I'm going to be ecstatic! I'm proceeding in the hopes that they will be amazing. Most importantly, if everything's up to snuff, I can begin advertising and networking and selling my works of art! 

In the meantime, I switched gears a bit this weekend in the off-chance that the watercolors don't print up as beautifully as I'd hoped. 

Its no bother, because I love working in illustrator and am "drawn" (forgive the pun) to line-art and typography. I'm only trained as far as one course in college, but I'm just dangerous enough to confidently open illustrator and make a mess of things! 

I started my Texas Made collection of shirts:

Texas Home Graphic T-ShirtTexas Native Graphic T-ShirtBorn and Raised Graphic Texas T-Shirt

Maybe its because they're my babies, but I don't care, I love them!