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New Ideas Brewing

Oh wow. I have so many ideas brewing in the back of my mind. Sometimes I jot them down and scribble it out on a scrap piece of paper. Other times, I run like hell to my computer and open up Illustrator immediately. Those ideas need to be born right then and right there. 

I decided to finally share my new venture with my partner-in-crime. My sister, of course. I kept it to myself for a few weeks to be sure that I was truly excited about Texas Love. I also waited to tell her about my idea until it had an official name! 

Now that I have shared my new artistic endeavor she's been feeding me new ways to market my products which, of course, has spurred even more product ideas into existence. She gave me the brilliant idea to serialize some of my designs. I'm going to create a few sets of designs that will feature a sort of "Collect Them All" call to action. Together, the'll be a complete set of Texas ideas, sayings, phrases or song lyrics. Totally excited and my brain burst when she suggested it! 

Back to work!