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Texas Love's Logo Part Two

I think talking it out in one of my previous blog posts has helped! I've been thinking and stewing and pondering on it and inspiration is starting to flow for my Texas Love logo. 

Now, I'm most curious if the final design will look anything like one of these drawings. I want something timeless, typically Texan but not cheesy and corny. It needs to last a lifetime, but also allow for slight updates as styles and tastes change. 

I've designed logos before and I can already see myself getting into a rut with banners. But, until I allowed myself to explore the idea of using a banner again, no good ideas were coming through for Texas Love. Banners have so much pizzaz and gravitas. I think they're solid, simple, grounded. Totally Texan. 

I'm also toying with some Texan symbols: a lone star, a sheriff style star, flags, etc.

Maybe I need to just take the inspiration as it comes and not over think it! The word of the moment for me is: Solid. I'm looking for a logo that is... solid.

Texas Love Logo Inspiration Ideas