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More about Texas Skies: Nothing Like 'Em

Just touching base with a little late night sneak peek on what I've been working on. This idea I'm mulling over will make for a very nice mug design! Maybe even a pillow! I'm not sure about a t-shirt, yet. But I bet I could make it work. Either way, its working up to be a small tribute to Texas and it's beautiful, deep blue skies. You know, Texas has skies for miles and miles.

 Texas Skies Mug Pillow T Shirt

I've always known that Texas skies were like no other. But only because I had heard from others who knew from experience. But its true. I know that now. I've traveled here and there. There is really nothing like it.

Together with the clean, clear air and the vast, flat horizon lines the Texas sky is truly breathtaking. In some parts of Texas you can see so far out along the horizon from left to right that you actually get the feeling that you're in a glass globe. You can see the curvature of the earth and the huge blue sky coming down to meet it. Its intoxicating. On a good day, you'll have those classic puffy clouds spread throughout making you realize just how small you are.

I never came to appreciate the Texas skies as much as I do now until I traveled a bit as an adult. I went to beautiful, sunny California but noticed that the skies just didn't have the same punch as they do in Texas. Not being a meteorologist, I don't know the difference between the atmosphere in CA and TX that would make any sort of a difference in the way the sky appears. But, it was the same in Rome, Italy. Just not the same. A bit duller. Where did the bright, cobalt blue hues go? 

I have to tell you the vastness of the Texas sky never was on display better than when we made a grueling trip from North Texas to South Colorado. Driving and driving and driving. The only pleasure I got out of 13 hours in the car were the views out onto the Texas plains. Huge. Indescribable. And sadly, photos do not do it justice. Even the most skilled photographer cannot capture the majesty of a sunny day in Texas. 

A watercolor painting certainly won't either. But, its the best way I know how to honor it and show it my love! 

I bet Texas will like it just fine. Might even tape it to the fridge.