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Procrastination: Texas Love's Logo

I'm having a hard time getting inspiration for my Texas Love logo. Naturally, there's a bit of pressure here because I cannot open a store without a logo. Duh. But also because a logo says so much about a store. I, of course, chose a pretty symbolically heavy store name: Texas Love.

There are great symbols to work with there. Strong symbols.

However, I am fighting some of the natural assumptions that the logo will have an outline of the shape of Texas and a heart. Of course, it sure would be a bonus if the logo showed very simply what its meant to say, "This gift store is all about a shared love of Texas." 

Ehhhh... but again, I am fighting that idea. I want to dig deeper and show it differently. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Maybe it will be a text only logo. I'm just really, really not sure where the design process will take me and it is driving my only slightly pecan-nutty.

Inspiration for everything except a logo is coming a mile a minute. That's great. I won't stifle that. Except that I need a logo. 

I'm thinking yellow for some reason. Strangely, one would think red is a given because of the strong connection between the word "love" and the color red. But, the color yellow is stubbornly popping up when I turn my mind to the logo. Perhaps that's because the "yellow rose of Texas" comes to mind and also perhaps because Texas has a long history with the color; so many cities have yellow sand, yellow wheat-filled horizons, bright and starry nights, a city named Amarillo (the spanish word for yellow) and a notorious lack of yellow-bellied cowards. I don't think I need to go on to make my point. 

I don't know. I guess we shall see. Whenever I can't think of something or have a total block on a creative element sometimes if I go numb to it, an incredible nugget of inspiration will finally come. For now, I'll stew on that "yellow" idea that won't go away.