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Dusting off the Dirt

Texas Love WatercolorIn all of my art-related experience in high school and my first semester of college, I
never was a watercolorist. I only dabbled in the medium. I certainly wish, now that its calling to me, that I'd had a little more experience with it! Its no matter. As with anything, all it takes is working out the kinks, dusting off the dirt and just getting a start somewhere. I'm experimenting with styles, techniques, wet and dry brush. Thankfully for me, not only are Texans born with state pride... most of us are also born pretty stubborn. 

Watercolor techniques will not get the best of me!

Besides, I'm mostly thinking that my designs will need clippings of backgrounds and just small elements of watercolor design. I won't have to be a master at the medium to get the looks I want.

Either way, I'm excited to get a start on designing some awesome Texas gifts for Texans and those who love Texans to share with each other!