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Texas Love Begins

After much consideration, I've decided to open a gift shop celebrating all things Texas. A simple statement, but a big undertaking to say the least. Lots of stomach bubbles and excited tingles. I'm anxious, scared and oddly at peace. I think that must just mean its the right thing to do, then!

I've had a few design ideas lingering around in the back of my mind for months now, pestering and picking at me. I finally set out the watercolors, bought some new brushes and sat down to get a start at turning some of these ideas into a reality.

I'm a little surprised at the number of ideas that have come since finally putting my hands to work. I've found myself running to my notebook a little more than a few times per day to jot down the next hilarious, cute or awesome idea. Now, of course, some of these ideas are absolutely no good the next day... when sanity sinks back in. But, I'm not going to let a few bad ideas deter me! 

The love of Texas begins at birth for Texans. Its hard to explain to non-Texan born folks. It really is. Texas pride is not overtly taught, its simply innate. I think its not just because Texas is beautiful, vast and awe-inspiring but because it knows exactly who it is and is completely unapologetic. 

We're Texans. BAM. Deal with it.

You know, to have that kind of attitude - you're just born that way. 

I, rather narcissistically, like to ask folks who move to Texas what they think of the state. I brace myself for the negatives, because we're just not for everyone and I accept that. But, it is a bit of a rush when you get an enthusiastic reply. More than anything I want to share what I think is a positively wonderful and the best place on Earth with others. But mainly, I ask people what they think of Texas because those who grow to love Texas say all of the things I find hard to put into words. Its not that I have taken our way of life for granted, but sometimes you do forget that not everywhere is as wonderful as Texas. 

Not to mention, its a pretty wonderful feeling when your home state lives up to its reputation; good, bad and ugly. I just think, "Yea...that's right." 

So, in my own way I want to honor my home state. I want to share with others the love I have for Texas and celebrate its turns of phrase, its greatness, its uniqueness and of course its flaws and oddities. It begins!